Effective January 2, 2015, MassDEP promulgated regulations for the construction, operation, and maintenance of USTs (310 CMR 80.00). Concurrently, the previous Department of Fire Services regulations that regulated USTs (527 CMR 9.00) were repealed. Effective January 26, 2015, the UST Petroleum Product Cleanup Fund Administrative Review Board voted to adopt the MassDEP UST regulations (310 CMR 80.00) as the primary governing regulations regarding UST compliance. The UST Administrative Review Board is in the process of updating the program regulations (503 CMR 2.00) to reflect this change. Of note, Certificate of Compliance applications no longer require the submission of a FP-290 Part 3 permit with the application. The COC application forms have been updated to reflect this change. These forms can be found in the UST Forms webpage.  As always, you are strongly encouraged to use the internet-based system “eUST” to submit, track, and manage your COC applications. Links to eUST can be found in the navigation links to the right. If you have any questions, please contact the UST Program at 617-626-2600.


IMPORTANT: In accordance with 2013 legislation, the Delivery Fee imposed under Mass. Gen. Laws c. 21J is required to be adjusted at the beginning of each calendar year by the percentage, if any, by which the consumer price index, as defined in section 1 of the Internal Revenue Code (26 U.S.C. sec. 1) for the preceding year exceeds the consumer price index for the calendar year that ends before such preceding year. Effective January 1, 2015, the UST Delivery Fee will increase from $250 per Delivery Load of 10,000 gallons to $253.95 per Delivery Load (i.e., 2.5395 cents per gallon).


In light of the recent changes to the MCP, the UST Program is reconvening the 21J Fee Schedule Task Force/Work Group to evaluate and make recommendations for revisions to the Appendix 3 – Reimbursement Fee Schedule. If you would like to participate in the Work Group, please contact either Gordon Bullard at bullardgh@dor.state.ma.us or Paul McNeil at PaulM@williamsonenv.com.  Meetings are expected to be held 1-2 times per month (commencing in August) at either the UST Program’s office in Boston or at the Williamson Environmental’s office in Shirley, MA.

*Online payment options for your Annual Tank Fee are now available* You can now pay your Annual Tank Fee online. Payments can be made either through electronic funds transfer (EFT or ACH) directly from your bank account, credit card, or debit card. You will need information from your invoice readily available in order to make your payment. Please note that transaction convenience fees will apply for credit and debit card payments. There are no fees for EFT/ACH payments.

The UST Program has  launched a new web-based program called “eUST” that allows the online filing of Applications for Reimbursement, Applications for Eligibility, and Applications for a Certificate of Compliance. In addition to the convenience of filing and tracking the status of the forms electronically, the new program will allow facility owners and claimants to manage authorized users online and eliminate the need for Owner Authorization forms.  Please select the “Electronic Filing System – eUST” Quick Link for more information.

The Commonwealth has converted its vendors from receiving paper checks to Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). As of January 1, 2012, the preferred method of vendor payment is via EFT. Please click on the attached file doc format of EFT Vendor Memo.doc
with further instructions on how to enroll in EFT

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