If you claim that the other parent owes past-due support (arrears) for a time before your application for services, we will not begin to collect the arrears until a court enters an order establishing the total amount due. If you want us to help you in getting a court order establishing the amount due, you must complete the Affidavit of Arrears package and submit it with your application for services. The package includes the affidavit and the Affidavit of Arrears Worksheet. There is also an instruction sheet to help you in completing the worksheet and affidavit.

When completing the worksheet, you must include only those child support payments given to you directly by the noncustodial parent. The affidavit is used to calculate the financial support due to you. If the noncustodial parent was ordered to provide medical support and owes you a debt for medical support, please include information about that debt on a separate sheet of paper.

After you complete the worksheet and affidavit, you must sign the affidavit under oath. By signing the affidavit, you are stating under penalties of perjury that the information you give is accurate and true to the best of your knowledge. Once we receive your affidavit, we will assist you in filing a complaint for contempt asking the court to establish the amount due and will schedule a court hearing.

Please note: The noncustodial parent will be provided with a copy of your affidavit and may challenge the amount you claim as due. Both you and the other parent will have an opportunity to be heard at the hearing. Since we do not have any records of child support owed to you prior to your application, DOR will have no information to give to the court.