• As an attorney, court employee, service provider or child support case manager, you are a partner in the mission to improve the well being of Massachusetts' children. I would like to.
  • Obtaining Information on Your Client's Case

    If you represent a client who has a child support case with DOR, you can obtain specific information about your client's case through the interactive case manager available on this website. The information available includes payment status, payment history, payments issued, distribution of payments and recent case activity, including enforcement actions taken. To gain access to your client's information, you will need a personal identification number (PIN) and password.

    To obtain a PIN and password, mail or fax a letter on your office letterhead that includes the name, address, and Social Security number of each client you represent, as well as your Board of Bar Overseers number. The mailing address is Child Support Enforcement Division, Department of Revenue, P.O. Box 7057, Boston, MA 02204, Attention: POA. The FAX number is 617-887-7570.

    Once we receive the letter, we will send you your own ten-digit PIN and six-digit password. These two identification numbers will give you access to all of your clients' cases. The authorization is valid for two years.

    To gain access to the client's information, log into the Case Manager and follow the prompts for entering your PIN and password.
  • Serving Children & Families

    DOR attorneys represent the Child Support Enforcement Division pursuing the Commonwealth's interest in ensuring that children are supported by their parents. We must allocate litigation resources in a balanced and efficient manner, so as to benefit the greatest number of children in need of services. DOR's strength is in its access to information from employers, banks and other government agencies, allowing us to generate high volume collections at low cost. DOR is not able to devote the resources and individual attention to a case that private counsel may provide, not just for child support, but also for other issues important to the family, such as parenting time, alimony and distribution of assets. We look forward to working with members of the private bar to maximize our mutual strengths in ensuring that the child support enforcement system serves the needs of the children and families of the Commonwealth.