Be prepared! Before you go to court, it might be helpful for you to review the information package for the court you are visiting. The court packages contain useful information such as what to bring, what not to bring, what to expect, where to go when you arrive, etc.

Select the Probate and Family Court you will be visiting:

Barnstable doc format of barnstable.doc
Berkshire doc format of berkshire.doc
Brockton doc format of brockton.doc
Edgartown doc format of edgartown.doc
Fall River doc format of fallriver.doc
Franklin doc format of franklin.doc
Hampden doc format of hampden.doc
Hampshire doc format of hampshire.doc
Franklin Temporary Location  pdf format of Franklin Temporary Location
Middlesex doc format of middlesex.doc
Nantucket doc format of nantucket.doc
Lawrence doc format of lawrence.doc
Norfolk doc format of norfolk.doc
Plymouth doc format of plymouth.doc
New Bedford doc format of newbedford.doc
Suffolk doc format of suffolk.doc
Worcester doc format of worcester.doc
Salem doc format of salem.doc


Each of the court packages is divided as follows:

1. Pre-court hearing information: questions: 1 - 6

2. Courthouse information (location, lunch, bathrooms, Clerk's office): questions: 7 - 10

3. Check-in information: questions: 11 - 16

4. Court hearing information: questions: 17 - 22

5. Courtroom procedures and judge's decision: questions: 23 - 25

6. Visitation and custody information: question: 26

7. Payment information: questions: 27 - 29

8. Contempt information: questions: 30 - 33

9. GMT (Paternity) information: questions: 34 - 44