If you are a "pro se" litigant (a person going to court without an attorney) or you need help in obtaining legal assistance or maybe you are just curious about the court system and how it works, then visit the Commonwealth's Probate and Family Court website.

Here you can get a listing of all Probate and Family Courthouses in the Commonwealth, plus driving directions, contact information including mailing addresses, telephone and fax numbers, and hours of operation.

The site also features a customer "Self Help Center" where you can choose from a list of the court's informational publications, all designed to help pro se litigants obtain legal assistance and representation and also to learn how to navigate the court system. For example, you could learn valuable tips on how to prepare for court or just find out what the court can do for you.

Information regarding legal assistance is divided by county and is very easy to use. It includes lists of lawyer referral services, legal service agencies, free legal resources, and how to use the court's "Lawyer of the Day" program.