A number of widely recognized national organizations represent the employer community from the payroll perspective. These organizations serve as a key source of information and education to employers regarding their compliance requirements for government programs and regulations.

American Payroll Association

The American Payroll Association (APA) is a non-profit professional association representing over 22,000 members, most of who perform payroll-processing services for approximately 16,000 employers. Additionally, its membership includes representatives of the major payroll service providers in the United States, who in turn process payrolls for almost one million additional employers. The employers for whom APA members process payrolls are diverse in terms of business size, location, and industry.

APA's central mission is to educate its members and the entire payroll industry about the best practices associated with paying America's workers their wages while successfully complying with all federal, state, and local wage payment, employment tax withholding, child support enforcement, and information reporting laws. APA's secondary mission is to consistently work with legislative and executive branches of all levels of government to find effective ways for employers to meet their compliance obligations and support various government objectives while minimizing administrative burden for government, employers, and individual workers/taxpayers.

APA maintains an active Child Support Subcommittee under the umbrella of its Government Affairs Task Force to monitor child support withholding trends throughout the United States. The subcommittee regularly partners with child support authorities to improve child support withholding compliance and to promote the nationwide standardization of related business processes.

Website Information: www.americanpayroll.org
The APA website provides links to local APA chapters around the country, as well as links to other employer organizations, business directories and benefits news.

National Association of Tax Reporting and Payroll Management

The National Association of Tax Reporting and Payroll Management (NATRPM) is a non-profit corporation organized to address the tax reporting and payroll industries' international, federal, state and local legislative and regulatory issues, technical tax issues, technology developments, and operational issues.

Website Information: www.natrpm.org/default.html
The NATRPM website features technology updates, payroll management newsletters and information about periodic Payroll Operations calls, Government Relations calls, and annual symposia.

National Payroll Reporting Consortium

The National Payroll Reporting Consortium (NPRC) is a non-profit trade association of organizations that provide payroll processing and employment tax services directly to employers. NPRC members serve more than one million employers with a combined total of more than 35 million employees, over one-third of the private sector workforce.

NPRC's mission is to promote payroll service providers as quality business partners to government agencies; and proactively address major policy, administrative and systematic issues that impact employers and their service providers.

Website Information: www.nprc-inc.org/
The NPRC's website lists recent government agency announcements and news, NPRC recommendations to lawmakers, members-only access to a special New Hire Reporting section, industry links and links to NPRC member organizations.

National Association of Professional Employer Organizations

NAPEO, the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations, is the largest trade association representing more than 325 professional employer organizations nationwide. Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) are companies that provide a range of services to employers, including payroll, payroll tax compliance, garnishments, personnel management, health benefits, workers' compensation claims, and unemployment insurance claims. Employers may contract with a PEO to provide any or all of these responsibilities.

NAPEO's members range in size from start-up PEOs to large, publicly held companies with years of success in the industry. NAPEO provides its members with educational services and business resources including conferences, seminars, a monthly magazine, online services, and marketing support. NAPEO also embraces a commitment to furthering and protecting the interests of its PEO members through proactive lobbying efforts and timely communications on regulatory and legislative issues of interest.

Website Information: www.napeo.org/index.cfm
The NAPEO website offers an online NAPEO member directory, industry information, helpful services and resources, information about the Government Affairs committee and Town Hall meetings, links to NAPEO Leadership Councils and State Task Forces.