If the court has ordered you to pay child support through a wage assignment, DOR will instruct your employer to begin withholding the appropriate amount from your paycheck and to forward this amount to DOR within three days of your payday. We will record any support payment your employer sends to DOR and forward the payment to the custodial parent.

Please note: If you are ordered to pay child support by wage assignment, it may take a few weeks before your employer receives your information from DOR. Until your employer begins deducting your child support from your wages, you are required to make child support payments directly to DOR. To help make sure you receive credit for these initial child support payments, you must use the payment identification stubs pdf format of Payment Stubs
. Submit a stub with each payment and continue to use the stubs until you see the appropriate amount of child support being withheld from your pay, or until DOR sends you a bill.

If you have not been ordered to pay child support by wage assignment, you must send in your first payments with the attached payment identification stubs. DOR will begin billing you about three weeks from now. Your bill will include a payment stub that must be submitted with your check or money order. To ensure that you are credited for the payment, make checks payable to:

Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Mail payment stubs and checks to:

P.O. Box 55144
Boston, MA 02205-5144

How to send your payments

1. DO NOT SEND CHILD SUPPORT PAYMENTS DIRECTLY TO THE PARENT RECEIVING CHILD SUPPORT. If you make direct payments, there will be no record of your payment and DOR will assume you are delinquent in your payments. DOR may then take enforcement actions to collect the amount that was not credited to you.

2. DO NOT SEND CASH. Make your child support payments by check or money order. Keep your cancelled check or copy of your money order as your receipt. In the event that you and DOR ever disagree about the payment history, you must produce the receipts as proof of payment.

3. Make your check or money order payable to: The Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

4. Include your Social Security number. Print your Social Security number on your check or money order so you will receive proper credit for your payment.

5. Print clearly on the payment stubs pdf format of Payment Stubs

REMEMBER: Until you receive your first child support bill from DOR or until your employer starts deducting child support from your paycheck, you must follow the procedures outlined above to make your payments. Otherwise, DOR may have no record of your payments and enforcement actions may be taken.