Parents receiving child support may get support checks for different amounts each week. The following will help you determine, regardless of the amount of each payment, whether or not you are owed child support at the end of each month. You can click here to use our Child Support Guidelines Worksheet links to PDF file to calculate your correct monthly total.

If your child support check is different from the amount ordered by the court, add up the checks that you received for the month. For example:

  1. Multiply the number of Fridays in the month by your weekly support obligation (amount).

    Example: Number of Fridays 4 x weekly support amount $ 75 = $300.

  2. Add all support checks received for the month.
Example: Checks received$ 93.75
 $ 93.75
 $ 93.75
 $ 18.75
Total received for the month -$300.00

In the above example, all current support was paid even though the payments were for different amounts. The payment amount may differ from the court ordered amount if:

  • The parent paying support has more than one child support order.
  • All of the money owed to the parent receiving support has been paid.
  • Money is owed to Transitional Aid to Families with Dependent Children for the time the dependent(s) was receiving assistance.

You can also go to Information For Custodial Parents on Disbursements of Payments pdf format of Payments, Disbursements
for more detailed information on how we distribute child support payments.