Massachusetts License Suspension Program

If you have outstanding child support obligations, your professional, recreational, and/or driver's license may be suspended and you will not be able to renew it until the Department of Revenue (DOR) has removed your nonpayment status. In addition, your name may be released to the public as part of a program designed to alert the public about this program.

If you have received notice that your license will be, or has been suspended, and would like to work out a payment plan in order to renew it, call the number specified on your notice or 617-660-8000. The Unit at this number has been created to specifically address license suspension issues. License suspension is one of several administrative enforcement actions DOR is authorized to use to collect past due support.

While many parents responded to our invitation to enter into payment agreements, some did not and therefore, 77,000 have had their driver's licenses suspended and 1,900 have had their professional licenses suspended.