At the second meeting of the DOR Advisory Council on May 2, the 16-member group selected just a few short months ago, there was an enthusiastic exchange of ideas on topics designated by the Commissioner as important issues for DOR.

Council members broke into subgroups and met with DOR staff over the last two months to consider the Commissioner’s topics and offer their input.  At the meeting on Thursday the Council members and DOR staff presented their subgroup’s ideas to the entire Council and opened it up for discussion and feedback.

Some of the topics included Audit Practices and Dispute Resolution, looking at current practices and asking what enhancements can be made. Fraud and Identity Theft are issues that are addressed daily by the agency and input from the Council on best practices for education and other ideas were particularly valuable. The Council also addressed Customer Satisfaction Monitoring and Transparency – how to best serve and educate the taxpayer and then following up to see if is working.  Another important subject was Innovation and the Council offered their feedback on the role of social media in DOR’s communications.

The Council will continue to dig deep into the issues with DOR over the next several months before they meet again in September.