The first meeting of 2014 for the DOR Advisory Council was held in Chelsea on January 28. The agenda was full and discussion was vigorous. Among the topics discussed was the newly expanded role for the Taxpayer Advocate to include reporting trends in taxpayer issues, DOR’s Emerging Leaders program, a pilot program underway to enhance customer service and the Council got a sneak preview of the upcoming Office of Appeals web page.  

The major discussion of the meeting centered on the agency’s focus for 2014 – small business. DOR plans to assess the needs of small businesses and the practitioners who serve them to be certain that services offered by DOR line up with those needs. A lot of good ideas were offered by Council members to begin the assessment, including the utilization of focus groups, partnering with membership organizations and reaching out through practitioners who will play a large role in collecting information from small businesses. The Council will meet again in May.

Facilitator Brian Lynch leads small business discussion
DOR’s Mike Lividoti, Charlene Hannaford and Mary Jane Devito
Barry Beck, Dave Davenport (DOR), Rick Jakious, Commissioner Pitter and Jason Zorfas
Council members Bill Rennie and Chris Kealey