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Deadline this Friday for Applications for New DOR Advisory Council

Friday, November 30, is the deadline for getting applications in to be considered for one of 15 seats on the new DOR Advisory Council, a major initiative that grew out of Commissioner Amy Pitter’s DOR 360 outreach to the communities we serve…

What is the DOR Advisory Council?

The 15 member Advisory Council will function as a liaison between DOR and taxpayers, business leaders, practitioners and others who are interested in the administration of Massachusetts tax policy.

Commissioner Pitter’s goal in appointing the DOR Advisory Council is to bring people to the table who can provide DOR with ideas, input and different perspectives regarding current or proposed tax policies, practices and administration and conversely act as a sounding board for DOR responses or initiatives. Council members would also serve as a conduit to their constituents to help report any DOR operational or technical changes that may result from these council discussions and working groups.

Members will be allowed to propose any idea or topic that’s of broad interest to the group except any individual taxpayer matter. Examples of potential topics include audit practices, federal tax developments impacting Massachusetts, responses to court decisions or legislation, new and proposed business practices, guidance on recent or upcoming tax matters and the status of on-going DOR projects.

Who should apply? It is important that the Advisory Council represent a diverse base of taxpayers and practitioners. Applicants must be willing to operate as a representative of their constituent group, be committed to open dialogue and reforming operational methodology and tax policy, have a strong tax or business background, excellent communications skills, and the ability to interact with a diverse group of individuals. Every member must be a taxpayer in good standing with the IRS and DOR.

The Advisory Council will consist of no more than fifteen members and meet approximately four times a year at times to be determined by members of the council.

The Advisory Council application period is now open until November 30, 2012.

How to Apply: Applications will be accepted from qualified individuals, as well as professional and public interest groups that wish to participate in the Advisory Council. Applicants should describe and document their qualifications for membership, emphasizing any experience with a particular segment of the tax community they wish to represent. 

Applications, which can also be found online at, must be mailed or faxed before November 30, 2012 to:

Massachusetts Department of Revenue
Office of the Commissioner
100 Cambridge Street
Boston MA 02114

Fax number: 617-626-2299

We look forward to building a successful working partnership with our customers.