DOR kicks off Small Business Initiative with Practitioners

Practitioners work with small businesses every day and many run their own small businesses. So, they were the perfect group to start with to gather information. We kicked off the 2014 Small Business Initiative with a statewide tour to meet with members of the Mass Society of CPAs and then launched an online crowdsourcing challenge with practitioners across the state. DOR is reviewing the material collected during the tour and challenge and taking actions based on the feedback. Practitioners gave us great information to help launch the initiative and engage small business owners in conversation about their needs. To see what practitioners had to say, click here.

Commute to work by T or commuter rail?

You may be eligible for a personal income tax deduction called the Massachusetts Commuter Deduction. Now the Department of Revenue’s DOR University has released a free e-learning module explaining what qualifies for a deduction, real-life examples and how you can claim your commuter deduction when filing a personal income tax return! Some restrictions apply and are thoroughly explained in the course. It only takes about a half-hour to complete, and you may get to put some money back in your pocket.