New Face! The website will be getting a makeover.

Keep an eye out for changes to the Department of Revenue homepage. Not only will the look change but the function will be more intuitive as it’s based on tasks. Look for this change next week and let us know what you think. We want to hear from you at, your feedback is critical.

Did you file FORM 355U? We made changes for the 2013 filing based on your feedback – please tell us about your recent experience.

More than 350 taxpayers or practitioners who file Form 355U for combined reporting responded to a survey over a year ago giving us feedback on their filing process. A working group made up of 355U taxpayers and DOR staff reviewed the survey results and responded by making some changes for the 2013 filing season. It is important that we continue the feedback, please tell us about your most recent filing experience by taking the survey here - the link is and it will take only a few minutes.

First rollout of new tax system successfully completed.

The first rollout of the Department of Revenue’s new tax system was successfully accomplished on November 12. Approximately 5,000 taxpayers can now take advantage of the new portal – MassTaxConnect – to file returns, register or just check out their account. For more information on the new tax system, check out the GeniSys-MassTaxConnect page.