• The Department of Revenue kicks off its Small Business Initiative, a key component of DOR360 designed to identify small business needs and develop a plan to meet the challenges small businesses face when they interact with DOR. This will be done through focus groups, meetings, online challenges, and surveys with the participation of associations, memberships, and small business advocates.
  • Crowdsourcing Challenge

    DOR partnered with the Office of Government Innovation Officer (OGIO) for the online challenge. This innovation crowdsourcing program helped DOR to better understand the level of satisfaction of small businesses through further outreach to tax practitioners. Read more.

  • Statewide Tour

    DOR teamed up with the Massachusetts Society of Certified Public Accountants (MSCPA) for a statewide tour to meet with small business practitioners. DOR took the information learned from practitioners and plans to ask small businesses to expand upon the information so DOR ends up with a well-rounded understanding of their needs. Read more.