Form 355 pdf format of 355.pdf
,Massachusetts Business or Manufacturing Corporation Excise Return

Form 355 Instructions pdf format of 355-inst.pdf

Form 355-PV, Payment Voucher pdf format of 355_PV.pdf

Form 355-7004 pdf format of 7004.pdf
, Application for Corporate Extension 

Schedule A-1 pdf format of sch_A_1.pdf
, Investments in Subsidiaries

Schedule A-2 pdf format of sch_A_2.pdf
, Intercompany Receivables

Schedule A-3 pdf format of sch_A_3.pdf
, Intercompany Payables

Schedule E-2 pdf format of sch_E_2.pdf
, Loss Carryover Deduction 

Schedule F pdf format of sch_F.pdf
, Income Apportionment  

Schedule H pdf format of sch_H.pdf
, Investment Tax Credit and Carryovers

Schedule H Instructions pdf format of h-inst.pdf

Schedule M-1 pdf format of sched_M_1.pdf
, Federal Reconciliation

Schedule M-1 Instructions pdf format of m-1-in.pdf

Schedule CG pdf format of sch_CG.pdf
, Combined Reporting Allocation Schedule 

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