• 355S-A pdf format of s_a.pdf
, Domestic S Corporation Excise Return

    355S-B pdf format of s_b.pdf
, Foreign S Corporation excise Return

    Form 355S-A/S-B Instructions pdf format of s_ab.pdf

    Form 355-7004 pdf format of 7004.pdf
, Application for Extension of Time to file Massachusetts Domestic or Foreign Business Manufacturing or Security Corporation Excise Return

    Schedule E-2 pdf format of sch_e2.pdf
, Loss Carryover Deduction

    Schedule F pdf format of sch_f.pdf
, Income Apportionment

    Schedule H pdf format of sch_h_h2.pdf
, Investment Tax Credit and Carryovers

    Schedule S pdf format of sch_s.pdf
, Shareholder's Massachusetts Information

    Schedule SK-1 pdf format of sch_sk1.pdf
, Shareholder's Massachusetts Information

    Form SBC pdf format of sbc.pdf
, Small Business Corporation Excise Return (domestic corporations only)

    Form SBC Instructions pdf format of sbc_in.pdf