• Form 2 pdf format of 2.pdf
, Fiduciary Income Tax Return

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, Long-Term Capital Losses Applied Against Interest and Dividends Worksheet

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, Grantor’s/Owner's Share of a Grantor Type Trust

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, Fiduciary Payment Voucher

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, Beneficiary /Remaindermen

    Schedule B pdf format of sched. B2.pdf
, Interest, Dividends and Certain Capital Gains and Losses

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, Capital Gains and Losses

    Schedule E and F pdf format of sched. E,F.pdf
, Rental Income or Loss and Credit for Taxes Paid

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, Expenses and Fiduciary Compensation

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, Income Distribution Deduction

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, Beneficiary's Massachusetts Information

    5.3% Tax Table, Massachusetts Personal Income Tax Table

    In addition to updating the obvious year-end dates, the following changes have been made to Form 2 and schedules:

    Form 2, page 3, line 41, Credit for Income Taxes Paid to Other Jurisdictions changed to Credit for Income Taxes Due to Other Jurisdictions.

    Form 2G, page 2, line 22, instructional text pertaining to entering id number on Form 1 or Form 1-NR/PY deleted.

    Form 2, Schedules E and F, Credit for Income Taxes Paid to Other Jurisdictions changed to Credit for Income Taxes Due to Other Jurisdictions.

    Form 2, Schedule 2K-1, last section renamed Credits and Estimated Tax Payments and two new lines added-

    24 Estimated tax payments made on behalf of nonresident beneficiary by fiduciary

    25 Other payments

    Changes made since July 15 posting:
    Form 2, page 3, new line 60 added for a Refundable film credit. Subsequent renumbering done accordingly.
    Motion picture production companies qualify to elect a refundable film credit if they have not transferred or carried forward a portion of the film credit for the production/certificate number to be refunded. Transferees of the film credit do not qualify for the refundable film credit.
    If an election to refund the film credit for a production/certificate number is made, the entire film credit remaining after reducing tax liability and other credits will be refunded at 90%. It is not allowed to partially refund and partially transfer or carryover the film credit.

    Changes made since August 24 posting:
    Schedule 2K-1, new line 25 added for Refundable Film Credit. Subsequent renumbering done accordingly.