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, Partnership Return

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, Partner's Distributive Share

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, Corporate Trust Return

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, Income Return for Clubs and Non-Profit Organizations

    Schedule 3K-1, page 1 Refundable film credit field added to line 5. Subsequent renumbering done accordingly. Line 12 moved to page 2.

    Motion picture production companies qualify to elect a refundable film credit if they have not transferred or carried forward a portion of the film credit for the production/certificate number to be refunded. Transferees of the film credit do not qualify for the refundable film credit.
    If an election to refund the film credit for a production/certificate number is made, the entire film credit remaining after reducing tax liability and other credits will be refunded at 90%. It is not allowed to partially refund and partially transfer or carryover the film credit.

    Changes since October 26 posting:
    Schedule 3K-1, line 5k, deleted field for certificate number for refundable film credit

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