• Certain taxpayers are required to file their returns and make their payments electronically. MassTaxConnect is available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week and allows you to file returns, make payments, view payment histories and maintain their accounts securely, online. For more information, or to register visit MassTaxConnect.

    Also review the Business Tax Filing Options page and Technical Information Release  (TIR) 15-9.

    • Form 63 FI  pdf format of Form 63 FI
, Financial Institution Excise Return (Updated January 26, 2017: Lines 4 and 5 updated to reflect current tax rates)
    • Form 63-20P  pdf format of Form 63-20P
 , Premium Excise Return for Life Insurance Companies
    • Form 63-23P pdf format of Form 63-23P
, Premium Excise Return for Insurance Companies
    • Form 63-29A  pdf format of Form 63-29A
, Ocean Marine Profits Tax Return (Revised November 4, 2016; changes noted on file
    • Form 121A  pdf format of Form 121A
, Urban Redevelopment Excise Return (Revised November 4, 2016; changes noted on file)