Form 63 FI pdf format of    63FI.pdf  , Financial Institution Excise Return

Form 63 FI Instructions pdf format of    63FI_instr.pdf

Form 63-20P pdf format of    63_20P.pdf  , Premium Excise Return for Life Insurance Companies

Form 63-20P Instructions pdf format of    63_20Pin.pdf

Form 63-23P pdf format of    63_23P.pdf  , Premium Excise Return for Insurance Companies

Form 63-23P Instructions pdf format of    63_23Pin.pdf

Form 121A pdf format of    121A.pdf  , Urban Redevelopment Excise Return

Form PS-1 pdf format of    PS_1.pdf  , Public Service Corporation Franchise Tax Return

Form PS-1 Instructions pdf format of    PS1_inst.pdf

Form 63-29A pdf format of    63_29A.pdf  , Ocean Marine Profits Tax Return

Form 355-7004 Misc. pdf format of    7004_Misc.pdf  , Application of Time to File Certain Domestic or Foreign Tax Returns

Pro Forma 1120L pdf format of    1120L.pdf  , U.S. Life Insurance Company Pro Forma Return