Form 1 , Resident Income Tax Return

Form 1 Instructions pdf format of form 1 instructions.pdf
(includes worksheets)

Schedule HC pdf format of 2011 Schedule HC
, Health Care Information

Schedule HC Instructions pdf format of HC_instr.pdf
(includes worksheets and tables)

Schedule HC-CS pdf format of HC_CS.pdf
, Health Care Information Continuation Sheet

Schedules X, Y pdf format of sch_xy.pdf
, Other Income and Deductions

Schedule Z/RF pdf format of sch_z.pdf
, Other Credits

Schedule DI pdf format of sch_di.pdf
, Dependent Information

Schedule B pdf format of sch_b.pdf
, Interest, Dividends and Certain Capital Gains and Losses

Schedule D pdf format of sch_d.pdf
, Long-Term Capital Gains and Losses Excluding Collectibles

Schedule C pdf format of sch_c.pdf
, Massachusetts Profit or Loss from Business

Schedule CB pdf format of sch_cb.pdf
, Circuit Breaker Credit

Schedule E Reconciliation pdf format of sch_e.pdf
, Total Supplemental Income and (Loss)

Schedule E-1 pdf format of sch_e_1.pdf
, Rental Real Estate and Royalty Income and (Loss) Note: Updated March 23, 2012; US Schedule E line reference on line 21 changed from line 23 to line 22. Updated April 24, 2012; US Schedule E line reference on line 20 changed from line 22 to line 21

Schedule E-2 pdf format of sch_e_2.pdf
, Partnership and S Corporation Income and (Loss)

Schedule E-3 pdf format of sch_e_3.pdf
, Estate, Trust, REMIC and Farm Income and (Loss)

Schedule E Instructions pdf format of sch_e_instr.pdf

Form PV pdf format of Form PV 2011
, Payment Voucher

Current 5.3% Tax Table, Massachusetts Personal Income Tax Table

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