Privacy Act Notice pdf format of pvcy_act.pdf

Form M-8379 pdf format of m_8379.pdf
, Nondebtor Spouse Claim and Allocation of Refund Due

Form CA-6 , Application For Abatement–Amended Return (Revised May 2012)

Form CA-6A pdf format of CA_6A.pdf
, Application For Abatement–Amended Return Additional Tax Periods

Taxpayer Change of Address Form

Form 1-ES pdf format of 1-ES voucher.pdf
, 2013 Estimated Income Tax Payment Vouchers

Instructions and Worksheets pdf format of 1-ES instr_wksht.pdf
 for 2013 Form 1-ES

Form 2-ES pdf format of 2-ES voucher.pdf
, 2013 Estimated Income Tax payment Vouchers for Filers of Forms 2, 3M and M-990T-62

Instructions and Worksheets pdf format of 2-ES instr_wksht.pdf
 for 2013 Form 2-ES

Form M-2210 pdf format of M-2210.pdf
, Underpayment of Massachusetts Estimated Income Tax  (revised 12.5.12; interest rate in line 22 set at 4%)

Form M-2210A pdf format of M-2210A.pdf
, Annualized Income Installment Worksheet (revised 11.12; 5.3% tax rate references updated to 5.25%)

Form M-2210F pdf format of M-2210F.pdf
, Underpayment of Massachusetts Estimated Income Tax for Fiduciaries  (revised 12.5.12; interest rate in line 23 set at 4%)

Form M-4868 pdf format of m-4868.pdf
, Application for Automatic Six-Month Extension of Time to File Massachusetts Income Tax Return

Form M-8453 pdf format of M-8453.pdf
, Individual Income Tax Declaration for Electronic Filing

Form M-8453F pdf format of M-8453F.pdf
, Fiduciary Tax Declaration for Electronic Filing

Form M-8453P pdf format of M-8453P.pdf
, Partnership Tax Declaration for Electronic Filing

Form M-8736 pdf format of m-8736.pdf
, Application for Extension of Time to File Fiduciary or Partnership Return

Form M-990T-62 pdf format of M-990T-62.pdf
, Exempt Trust and Unincorporated Association Income Tax Return (including Schedules B and D)

Schedule C-2 pdf format of sched. C-2.pdf
, Excess Deductions Against Trade or Business Income 

Schedule D-IS pdf format of sch. d-is.pdf
, Installment Sales 

Schedule D-IS Instructions

Schedule EC pdf format of sched. EC.pdf
, Solar and Wind Energy Credit 

Schedule EOAC pdf format of sched. EOAC.pdf
, Economic Opportunity Area Credit 

Form EFO pdf format of EFO.pdf
, Personal Income Tax Declaration of Paper Filing

Schedule H-2 pdf format of sch_H_2.pdf
, Recapture Offset

Schedule H-2 Worksheet pdf format of Schedule H-2
, Recapture Offset Worksheet

Schedule LP pdf format of sched. LP.pdf
, Credit for Removing or Covering Lead Paint on Residential Premises 

Schedule RFC pdf format of sched. RFC.pdf
, Refundable Film Credit 

Schedule SC pdf format of sched. SC.pdf
, Septic Credit 

Schedule BC pdf format of Schedule BC
, Brownfields Credit

Schedule TDS pdf format of sch-TDS.pdf
, Taxpayer Disclosure Statement

Form MDCA pdf format of FORM MDCA
, Medical Device Credit Application

Form MDCTA pdf format of Form MDCTA
, Medical Device Transfer Credit Application

Form BCA pdf format of bca.pdf
, Brownfields Credit Application

Form BCTA pdf format of Form BCTA
, Brownfields Credit Transfer Application

Allotment LIHC pdf format of Allotment LIHC
, Low-Income Housing Credit Summary

Certificate LIHC pdf format of Certificate LIHC
, Low-Income Housing Credit Allotment

Early Election LIHC pdf format of Early Election LIHC
, Low-Income Housing Credit Notification

Transfer LIHC pdf format of Transfer LIHC
, Low-Income Housing Credit Statement

Allotment HRC pdf format of Allotment HRC
, Historic Rehabilitation Credit Summary

Individual Certificate HRC pdf format of Individual Certificate HRC
, Historic Rehabilitation Credit

Form EDIP pdf format of Form EDIP
, Refundable Economic Development Incentive Program Development Incentive Program Credit

Transfer/Sale HRC pdf format of Transfer/Sale HRC
, Historic Rehabilitation Credit Certificate

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