• Privacy Act Notice pdf format of pvcy_act.pdf

  • Form ABT , Application for Abatement
  • Form CA-6, Application For Abatement–Amended Return (Obsolete as of October 31, 2016)
  • Form COA , Taxpayer Change of Address
  • Form 84 pdf format of Form 84
, Application for Relief from Joint Income Tax Liability
  • Form 1-ES pdf format of Form 1-ES (2017)
, 2017 Estimated Income Tax Payment Vouchers, Instructions and Worksheets
  •  Form 2-ES pdf format of Form 2-ES (2017)
, 2017 Estimated Tax Payment Voucher, Instructions and Worksheets for Filers of Forms 2, 3M and M-990T-62
  • Form UA-1 pdf format of Form UA-1
, Unified Audit Opt-Out
  • Form M-1310  pdf format of Form M-1310
, Statement of Claimant to Refund Due a Deceased Taxpayer
  • Form M-2210  pdf format of Form M-2210
, Underpayment of Massachusetts Estimated Income Tax (Revised February 23, 2017: Line 22 updated to include percentage rate)
  • Form M-2210F  pdf format of Form M-2210F
, Underpayment of Massachusetts Estimated Income Tax for Fiduciaries (Revised February 23, 2017: Line 23 updated to include percentage rate)
  • Form M-8379  pdf format of Form M-8379
, Nondebtor Spouse Claim and Allocation of Refund Due
  • Form M-4868 pdf format of Form M-4868
, Application for Automatic Six-Month Extension of Time to File Massachusetts Income Tax Return
  • Form M-8453 pdf format of Form M-8453
, Individual Income Tax Declaration for Electronic Filing  (Revised February 22, Part 1 line references updated on lines 2-6)
  • Form M-8453F pdf format of Form M-8453F
, Fiduciary Tax Declaration for Electronic Filing
  • Form M-8453P pdf format of Form M-8453P
, Partnership Tax Declaration for Electronic Filing
  • Form M-8736 pdf format of Form M-8736
, Fiduciary or Partnership Return Extension Worksheet (Revised February 27, 2017: filing date updated)
  • Form M-9325 pdf format of Form M-9325
, Electronic Filing Information Handout
  • Form M-990T-62  pdf format of Form M-990T-62
, Exempt Trust and Unincorporated Association Income Tax Return
  • Form PV pdf format of Form PV
, Payment Voucher
  • Form 2-PV pdf format of Form 2-PV
, Massachusetts Fiduciary Income Tax Payment Voucher
  • Schedule C-2  pdf format of Schedule C-2
, Excess Deductions Against Trade or Business Income 
  • Schedule D-IS  pdf format of Schedule D-IS
file size 1MB , Installment Sales
  • Schedule EC  pdf format of Schedule EC
, Solar and Wind Energy Credit
  • Schedule EOAC  pdf format of Schedule EOAC
, Economic Opportunity Area Credit (Updated February 10, 2017 to reflect multiple changes in table Carryover to Future Years and update to Lines 14, 15 parentheticals).
  • Form EFO pdf format of Form EFO
, Personal Income Tax Declaration of Paper Filing
  • Schedule LP  pdf format of Schedule LP
, Credit for Removing or Covering Lead Paint on Residential Premise
  • Schedule SC  pdf format of Schedule SC
, Septic Credit
  • Schedule FAF  pdf format of Schedule FAF
, Farming and Fisheries Credit
  • Schedule RFC  pdf format of Schedule RFC
, Refundable Film Credit Motion Picture Production Company
  • Schedule OJC  pdf format of Schedule OJC
, Income Tax Paid to Other Jurisdictions
  •  Credit Manager Schedule pdf format of Credit Manager Schedule
(Revised December 8, 2016; change noted on page 1 of file) and Instructions pdf format of Credit Manager Schedule Instructions
  • Credit Recapture Schedule pdf format of Credit Recapture Schedule
and Example pdf format of Credit Recapture Schedule Example