• Form 3F pdf format of form_3f.pdf , Income Tax Return of Corporate Trust

    Form 3M pdf format of form_3m.pdf , Income Tax Return for Clubs and Other Organizations Not Engaged in Business for Profit

    Form 13 pdf format of 13.pdf , Notice of Designation of Fiscal Year

      Form 84 pdf format of 84.pdf , Application for Relief from Joint Income Tax Liability

      Amended Telefile pdf format of 33x_amnd.pdf

      Form EICA pdf format of eica.pdf , Earned Income Credit Amendment Form

      Form M-1310 pdf format of m_1310.pdf , Statement of Claimant to Refund Due a Deceased Taxpayer

      Form M-2210 pdf format of m_2210.pdf , Underpayment of Estimated Income Tax

      Form M-2210A pdf format of m_2210a.pdf  , Annualized Income Installment Worksheet

      Form M-4868 pdf format of m_4868.pdf  , Application for Automatic Extension of Time to File

      Form M-8379 pdf format of m_8379.pdf  , Nondebtor Spouse Claim and Allocation for Refund Due

      Form M-8736 pdf format of m_8736.pdf  , Application for Extension of Time to File Fiduciary, Partnership or Corporate Trust Return

      Form PV pdf format of pv.pdf  , Payment Voucher for Forms 1 and 1-NR/PY

      Schedule BC pdf format of sch_bc.pdf , Brownfield Credit

      Schedule C-2 pdf format of sch_c2.pdf , Excess Deductions Against 12% Trade or Business Income

      Schedule EC pdf format of sch_ec.pdf , Solar and Wind Energy Credit

      Schedule EOA pdf format of sch_eoa.pdf  , Economic Opportunity Area Credit

      Schedule FEC pdf format of sch_fec.pdf  , Full Employment Credit

      Schedule LP pdf format of sch_lp.pdf  , Credit for Removing or Covering Lead Paint on Residential Premises

      Schedule SC pdf format of sch_sc.pdf , Septic Credit

    Taxpayer Change of Address Form pdf format of c_of_a.pdf