• The Department of Revenue issues many types of bills and notices to business and individual taxpayers. Some notices are meant to provide information, others are requesting information or payment. Some of the most common bills and notices DOR sends out are listed below. Click on any of the links for a description of the notice and a sample of what the notice looks like.

    The list of notices is divided into two categories: Redesigned notices and Legacy notices. DOR is transitioning to a new tax system in four phases by tax type. As we go through the transition, taxpayer notices are being redesigned so until we complete the transition in 2017 (when individual income taxpayers will be included) we will have two versions of many notices.

    Since late 2014, IFTA, alcoholic beverages excise, and ferry embarkation fee taxpayers have been seeing the redesigned notices. Beginning in Decemebr 2015, most business tax types will start receiving the redesigned notices too.

    Redesigned versions (for business taxpayers beginning in December 2015)

    Legacy versions (will continue to be issued to individual taxpayers through 2017) 

    Notice of Intent to AssessNotice of Intent to Assess
    Notice of AssessmentNotice of Assessment
    Statement of AccountDemand for Payment
    Consolidated Bill
    Payment Agreement InitiationPayment Agreement Reminder