• The Department of Revenue issues many types of bills and notices to business and individual taxpayers. Some notices are meant to provide information, others are requesting information or payment. Some of the most common bills and notices DOR sends out are listed below. Click on any of the links for a description of the notice and a sample of what the notice looks like.

    Notice of Intent to Assess

    Notice of Assessment

    Special Message Regarding Notices of Assessment Issued from December 5, 2016 through December 9, 2016

    Please note that for all Notices of Assessment issued from December 5, 2016 through December 9, 2016, the assessed date listed in the “Why did I receive this notice?” section is incorrect. The date listed is the payment due date. It should say that we have assessed the amounts shown as due on the notice as of the date your return was filed. DOR has corrected this systems error and apologizes for any confusion.

    Statement of Account

    Payment Agreement Reminder