Tip of the Week

Employee Business Expense Reviews – Tax practitioners, taxpayers and tax return preparers often contact me with questions about DOR’s employee business expense project. Over the last several years, DOR has used automated programs to flag returns that may require further review... More

Major 2013 Tax Changes

DOR has released its 2013 Form 1 Instructions pdf format of Form 1 Instructions
. Here are the major tax changes pdf format of 2013 Tax Law Changes
you need to know about.

Choosing a Tax Preparer

Many taxpayers get help from professionals when it’s tax return time. If you use a paid tax preparer to file your return this year, choose wisely. Even if your return is prepared by someone else, you are legally responsible for what’s on it... More

Returns Processed to Date

Total returns processed: 3,592,281
E-filed returns: 2,964,776

Processing Statistics as of 11/7/14

Filing Season Benchmarks

Refunds issued: 2,491,462
Refund amount: $1,289,022,323

Refund Turnaround:
Electronic:   5.2 days
Paper:  15.1 days

Phone Calls:
Weekly phone calls: 12,166
Average wait time:  360 seconds

Refund Statistics as of 11/21/14
Phone Statistics as of 11/21/14