Dear Taxpayer,

This filing season, we’ve made it our top priority to provide you with the easiest, quickest and most fool-proof options for filing your state income tax return. Most taxpayers favor electronic filing by either using approved commercial software or a tax preparer who files electronically.  Massachusetts residents also have the option of using DOR’s WebFile for Income. 

Last year, all but 6% of Massachusetts 3.4 million tax filers enjoyed the advantages of electronic filing versus using paper forms. They got their refunds quicker and their returns were more accurate because the software program won’t let you make a mistake like forgetting to sign your name or attach a schedule. Most important, electronic filing is one of the most secure ways to file your taxes, providing confirmation that your tax return has been received by the Department of Revenue.

Our goal is to make it unnecessary to mail out paper forms and reduce the costs of manually processing returns by the next filing season so the Department of Revenue can continue to increase efficiencies and better serve you.

Did I mention the best part of using Web File for Income? It’s free. Free tax assistance for qualified taxpayers is also available across the Commonwealth through the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) and the AARP Tax-Aide programs.  We’ve put the link for finding these sites and just about anything else you might find helpful in filling your taxes all in one easy to find place right here on "The Filing Zone".

Also, check out our WebFile mobile app which lets you file an extension or track your refund from your iPhone or Android smart phone. 


Amy Pitter,

Commissioner of Revenue