In some cases where there is an obvious math or clerical error on your return, the DOR will issue a Notice of Change in Tax. (see below) You will find it on the stub of your check and it will list the reason the amount of refund check is different from what you requested on your income tax return.

DOR mailed over 80,000 of these notices last tax year alerting taxpayers that their refund was either greater or lower than expected because of errors on line items and other simple mistakes.

Taxpayers can challenge the refund adjustment by writing to the address listed on the Notice or by calling Customer Service.

Top Ten Reasons why DOR Adjusts Your Refund Check.
1.Form 1, Line 44Overpayment - correction in overpayment due to error on line 2A, 8, 11, 14, or 27
2.Form 1, Line 8AUnemployment amount does not agree with unemployment amount on file
3.Form 1, Line 8BLottery amount does not agree with lottery winnings on file
4.Form 1, Line 36Withholding adjusted related to unclaimed Lottery winnings on Line 8B
5.Form 1, Line 28No Tax Status allowed according to Filing Status Threshold
6.Form 1, Line 44Overpayment: Correction in Overpayment due to No Tax Status
7.Form 1, Line 47Amount of tax you owe: Error in amount of tax you owe due to Error on Line 2A, 8, 11, 14, or 27
8.Form 1, Line 46Direct Deposit information incomplete
9.Form 1, Line 44Overpayment - Correction in overpayment due to Limited Income Credit
10.Form 1, Line 29Qualifies for Limited Income Credit that was added to Line 29