Form 1, Line 34 and Worksheet, Health Care Penalty - Added
The Massachusetts Health Care Reform Act requires most adults 18 and over with access to affordable health insurance to obtain it. In 2008, individuals who are deemed able to afford health insurance but fail to comply are subject to penalties for each month that they are uninsured in the tax year. The penalties are calculated on the worksheet and then reported on Line 34a and 34b if filing married, joint.

Form 1, Line 42, Refundable Film Credit - Added
Motion picture production companies qualify to elect a refundable film credit if they have not transferred or carried forward a portion of the film credit for the production/certificate number to be refunded. If a company qualifies for this election, they enter the amount from line 5 of Schedule RFC, Refundable Film Credit, in line 42 of Form 1.

Form 1-NR/PY - Schedule F, Credit for Income Taxes Due to Other Jurisdictions - Deleted
To compute the Credit for Taxes Due to other Jurisdictions, part year residents no longer fill out Schedule F; they fill out the Schedule Z, Part 2, Line 11 Worksheet - Income Tax Paid to Another Jurisdiction.

Schedule CB, Line 8 - All Allowable Exemption Line Items Combined
Allowable exemption amounts are now all combined into one line.

Schedule Z, line 8 and Worksheet, Home Energy Efficiency Credit - Deleted
This line item has been deleted since the credit has expired.
For tax year 2007, the home energy efficiency credit was limited only to the amount of the credit that exceeded the 2006 tax.