• Pay online through MassTaxConnect

    MassTaxConnect: Click to go directly to MassTaxConnect


    Bill payments for all tax types can be completed online without logging in.

    Personal income estimated tax payments, extension payments and return payments can be completed online without logging in.

    Log in to MassTaxConnect to make any of the following payments:  

    • Estimated payments – Corporate excise, fiduciary, nonresident composite
    • Extension payments –  Corporate excise, fiduciary, nonresident composite, estate
    • Tax return or amended return payment for a specific tax period for all tax types

    What are the benefits of creating an account on MassTaxConnect?

    Some payments can be made without logging in to MassTaxConnect. If you create an account, you’ll have these additional options:

    • Schedule all four estimated tax payments for the upcoming year
    • Change or cancel scheduled payments
    • View payment history
    • View and print notices
    • Send and receive secure e-messages
    • Go green – stop receiving paper bills and notices

    Can I pay by credit card?   

    Yes, you can use your credit card or EFT from your checking or savings account to make most payments through MassTaxConnect. For more information, see Credit Card Payment Frequently Asked Questions.

    Can I use my bank’s online bill pay option?

    We don’t recommend making tax payments through your bank’s online bill pay option. In many cases, your bank will send a paper check. As a result, the payment will be sent to us without a payment voucher, and may not be accurately  applied to your account, or applied in a timely manner. MassTaxConnect is a better option for electronic payment.

    What if I can’t pay in full?

    Most taxpayers can set up a payment plan online. First, log in to MassTaxConnect. Under the I WANT TO tab, choose the option  Request a Payment Plan. Payment plans are generally limited to 36 months. 

    Making payments by paper check

    If you’re paying by paper check, be sure to enclose your payment voucher along with your check. Sending the payment voucher with your check will ensure that your payment is quickly and accurately applied to your account.  For your convenience, a payment voucher is attached to every billing notice. For estimated tax payments, you can find estimated tax payment vouchers in the Forms section.