• What is Tax Identity Theft? With respect to taxes and tax fraud, identity thieves may use your Social Security number to obtain employment or file a fraudulent income tax return to obtain a refund. Tax Identity Theft occurs when a taxpayer’s Social Security number is used by another individual to get a job. Wages are then reported under the stolen Social Security number and the taxpayer receives a bill from the Massachusetts Department of Revenue (DOR). The affected taxpayer often never lived or worked in Massachusetts. Thieves may also try to use your Social Security number to file a fraudulent income tax return with the DOR to obtain a refund. 

    You must complete and submit an Identity Theft Affidavit pdf format of Identity Theft Affidavit
if you believe you are a victim of identity theft and would like the Massachusetts Department of Revenue to investigate the matter. Contact the Audit Division's Identity Theft Unit at identitytheftfeb@dor.state.ma.us or 617-887-5005 (Please leave an unblocked number our telephones do not allow unblocking.) if you have any questions.

Identity Confirmation Quiz

With identity theft dramatically on the rise, DOR is committed to helping Massachusetts taxpayers protect their identities. The Identity Confirmation Quiz is just one of the tools DOR is using to help prevent criminals from filing a false return in your name. Read more.

Check Overpayment Scams

DOR warns taxpayers to be aware of check overpayment scams involving fraudulent checks identified as Commonwealth of Massachusetts/Department of Revenue.

Stolen Identity Alert!

Nationally, tax fraud involving stolen identities is an increasing problem. Massachusetts is no exception.

Malicious Virus Alert!

DOR warns individuals against certain search engine results for "Massachusetts tax forms" that may contain a malicious virus that will infect computers.