• Return Options

    Personal income tax taxpayers have a number of options to choose from when filing their Massachusetts income tax returns. The fastest and most accurate method is through one of the Department of Revenue's electronic filing (e-filing) methods. Taxpayers can e-file their return either through DOR's free WebFile program, through a professional tax preparer, or by using a DOR-approved commercial software package.

    Taxpayers also may opt to file either a 2-D barcoded paper return or traditional paper return.

    Returns are processed in the following priority:

    1. Webfile and E-File
    2. 2-D barcoded paper
    3. Traditional paper return (without 2-D barcodes)
  • 2-D Barcoding

    Taxpayers may prepare and file their Massachusetts income tax returns using approved commercial software products that support 2-D barcodes. The barcodes on these paper returns capture all the information the taxpayer enters, which results in faster, more accurate processing and significantly reduces refund turnaround time.