Form 63-20-23,Premium Excise Return & Instructions for Foreign Life Insurance Companies on Life, Accident & Health BusinessN/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Form 63-22, Premium Excise Return and Instructions for Domestic Insurance CompaniesN/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Form 63-23, Premium Excise Returns ans Instructions for all Classes of Foreign Insurance CompaniesN/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Form 63-29A, Ocean Marine Profits Tax Return<strong>2010</strong> pdf format of 63_29A.pdf
PDF 2009 pdf format of 63_29A.pdf
2008 pdf format of 63_29A.pdf

2007 pdf format of 63_29A.pdf

2006 pdf format of 63_29A.pdf
2005 pdf format of 63_29A.pdf
Form 63 FI, Financial Institution Excise Return and Instructions<strong>2010</strong> pdf format of 63FI.pdf
PDF 2009 pdf format of 63FI.pdf
2008 pdf format of 63FI.pdf
2007 pdf format of 63FI.pdf
2006 pdf format of 63FI.pdf
2005 pdf format of 63FI.pdf
Form 63 FI, Instructions <strong>2010</strong> pdf format of 63FI_instr.pdf
2009 pdf format of 63FI_instr.pdf
2008 pdf format of 63FI_instr.pdf
2007 pdf format of 63FI_instr.pdf
2006 pdf format of 63FI_instr.pdf
Form 63-20P, Premium Excise Return for Life Insurance Companies<strong>2010</strong> pdf format of 63_20P.pdf
PDF 2009 pdf format of 63_20P.pdf
2008 pdf format of 63_20P.pdf
2007 pdf format of 63_20P.pdf
2006 pdf format of 63_20P.pdf
2005 pdf format of 63_20P.pdf
Form 63-20P, Instructions <strong>2010</strong> pdf format of 63_20Pin.pdf
2009 pdf format of 63_20Pin.pdf
2008 pdf format of 63_20Pin.pdf

2007 pdf format of 63_20Pin.pdf

2006 pdf format of 63_20Pin.pdf
2005 pdf format of 63_20Pin.pdf
Form 63-23P, Premium Excise Return for Insurance Companies<strong>2010</strong> pdf format of 63_23P.pdf
PDF 2009 pdf format of 63_23P.pdf
2008 pdf format of 63_23P.pdf
2007 pdf format of 63_23P.pdf
2006 pdf format of 63_23P.pdf
2005 pdf format of 63_23P.pdf
Form 63-23P, Instructions <strong>2010</strong> pdf format of 63_23Pin.pdf
2009 pdf format of 63_23Pin.pdf
2008 pdf format of 63_23Pin.pdf

2007 pdf format of 63_23Pin.pdf

2006 pdf format of 63_23Pin.pdf

2005 pdf format of 63_23Pin.pdf

Form 121A, Urban Redevelopment Excise Return and Instructions<strong>2010</strong> pdf format of 121A.pdf
PDF 2009 pdf format of 121A.pdf
2008 pdf format of 121A.pdf
2007 pdf format of 121A.pdf
2006 pdf format of 121A.pdf
2005 pdf format of 121A.pdf
Form 121A Instructions <strong>2010</strong> pdf format of 121A_instr.pdf
2009 pdf format of 121A_instr.pdf
2008 pdf format of 121A_instr.pdf
Form 176-I, Preferred Provider Gross Revenue Excise ReturnN/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Form 355-7004, Misc., Applications for Extension of Time to File Financial Institution, Insurance or Miscellaneous<strong>2010</strong> pdf format of 7004_Misc.pdf
PDF 2009 pdf format of 7004_Misc.pdf
2008 pdf format of 7004_Misc.pdf
2007 pdf format of 7004_Misc.pdf
2006 pdf format of 7004_Misc.pdf

2005 pdf format of 7004_Misc.pdf

2001 pdf format of 7004misc.pdf
Form DL-1, Premium Excise Return and Instructions for Domestic Life Insurance CompaniesN/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Form DL-2, Investment Privilege Excise Return and Instructions for Domestic Life Insurance CompaniesN/A N/A N/A N/A N/A


2003 pdf format of DL_2.pdf
2002 pdf format of DL-2.pdf
2001 pdf format of dl2.pdf
2000 pdf format of dl_2.pdf
Form PS-1, Public Service Corporation Franchise tax Return and Instructions<strong>2010</strong> pdf format of PS_1.pdf
PDF 2009 pdf format of PS_1.pdf
2008 pdf format of PS_1.pdf
2007 pdf format of PS_1.pdf
2006 pdf format of PS_1.pdf
2005 pdf format of PS_1.pdf

2004 pdf format of PS_1.pdf

2003 pdf format of PS_1.pdf
2002 pdf format of PS_1.pdf
2001 pdf format of ps_1.pdf
2000 pdf format of ps_1.pdf
Form PS-1, Instructions <strong>2010</strong> pdf format of PS_1in.pdf
2009 pdf format of PS1_instr.pdf
2008 pdf format of PS1_ inst.pdf
2007 pdf format of PS1_inst.pdf
2006 pdf format of PS1_inst.pdf
Pro Forma 1120L, U.S. Life Insurance company Pro Forma ReturnN/A N/A 2007 pdf format of 1120L.pdf
2006 pdf format of 1120L.pdf


2003 pdf format of 1120L.pdf
2002 pdf format of 1120L.pdf
2001 pdf format of 1120l.pdf
2000 pdf format of 1120l.pdf
Schedule S, S Corporation distributive Income<strong>2010</strong> pdf format of sch_S.pdf
PDF 2009 pdf format of sch_S.pdf
Schedule SK-1, Shareholder's Massachusetts Information<strong>2010</strong> pdf format of sch_SK_1.pdf
PDF 2009 pdf format of sch_SK_1.pdf
Financial Institution and Insurance Company Forms

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