Public Disclosure

The Department of Revenue is committed to making sure that all taxpayers, both businesses and individuals, timely and fully pay their Massachusetts state tax liabilities as required by law. One enforcement tool provided to the Department by the Massachusetts Legislature is the authority to publish a list of taxpayers having past due tax liabilities as an inducement to resolving those delinquent accounts .

Prior to a taxpayer's name being included in this list, they have been notified in writing by the Department of Revenue, as required by law. All taxpayers listed here have been afforded the opportunity to either pay the liability in full or to otherwise resolve the outstanding liability in a manner satisfactory to the Department. In order for a taxpayer's name to appear on this list, their total liabilities must exceed $25,000 and must have remained delinquent for a period of 6 months from the date that the taxes were assessed.

If your name or the name of your business appears on this list, the Department strongly encourages you to contact either the Department tax examiner assigned to your case (listed on the written Notice of Intent to Disclose mailed to you in advance of the disclosure made here) or the Department's Collections Bureau at (617) 887-6400 to arrange for payment. Payments should be made directly to the Collections Bureau at MDOR, P.O. Box 7021, Boston, MA 02204.

View the complete list of tax delinquents owing more than $25,000 in outstanding tax liabilities to the Commonwealth.