• Whether it's your first day of college or the last day before you retire – with each milestone you reach comes new financial responsibilities and tax benefits. Let the Milestones and Money page be your guide to navigate those life events that matter the most.
  • Off to College

    Heading off to college can be a real-world wake-up call financially. If you don’t have a paid job and your parents are claiming you as a dependent, there’s no need to file an income tax return. However, if you have a paying job – even a summer job – and regardless if your parents claim you or not, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with how taxes work. Check out our Students page.
  • Military

    Thank you for your decision to serve our country! Did you know that there are compensation, deductions, extensions and tax relief  provisions which could greatly benefit you and your spouse during your military enlistment and your time as a honored veteran? Check out Information for Military Personnel for details.
  • Got a Job

    Congratulations! You landed your first full-time or part-time job. There a number of important things to know and decisions to make now that you’re in the workforce. You’ll need to learn how to make the most of your salary, benefits, and tax deductions. Wages, Salaries and Tips is a great resource – located within a Guide to Personal Income Tax. Traveling for work? Check out the Commuter Deduction along with a Guide to the Massachusetts Turnpike Fuels Excise Refund Program.
  • Marriage

    OK, you've tied the knot, and more congratulations are in order!  But marriage comes with some specific tax considerations for married filers. Although some couples may pay slightly bigger tax bills, marriage also offers many tax advantages. To learn more select Filing Status along with the Guide to Personal Income Tax.
  • Starting a Family

    Your bundle(s) of joy has arrived along with a whole new palate of responsibilities. While parenthood can seem overwhelming, there is help. Read up on Child and Dependent Related Deductions and the Dependent Exemption . Hiring a housekeeper or nanny? Check out the Household Employment Tax Guide . Before you know it – paying for diapers will be replaced with paying for college.
  • Starting a Business

    You have decided to go for it and follow your dream by starting your own business. So where do you begin? Starting & Registering a Business and the Massachusetts Businesses Portal are great places to start. The Business and Professional Income page is another great resource. If you intend on having employees A Guide to Withholding of Taxes on Wages is a must read. Just want to test the waters and see if starting a business is for you? Check out a Small Business Workshop.    
  • Investments

    Are you doing all you can to maximize your investments? Capital/Ordinary Gains and Losses and Dividends and Interest are great up-to-date resources which you'll want to read. Just because you make investments for your future, doesn't mean you can't start learning now.    
  • Retirement

    The Department's Seniors and Retires page is your one-stop tax resource. From information regarding the senior circuit breaker credit to pension information, this page will prove invaluable. Also located within the Seniors and Retirees page is the Helpful Resources section – with links to other informative pages. You have worked hard your entire life. Why not take advantage of the tax credits, exemptions and benefits which you might not even know are available to you. Don't miss out!