• Welcome to Massachusetts!

    As a new resident, you may have questions about Massachusetts income and sales taxes, or about property taxes and the financial management of your new community. If so, this guide can help. The links below are designed to give you a basic introduction to the taxes that the Department of Revenue administers and your responsibilities as a Massachusetts resident. If you need more detailed information, try our search feature on this site. If your specific question isn't answered in these pages, do not hesitate to contact us by using the e-mail link at the bottom of the page. Again, welcome to the Commonwealth.
  • Personal Income Information

    From your filing status and personal exemptions to electronic filing options, get the facts you need before you file.
  • Community Information

    Learn about your community, how it's managed and key financial and property tax information.
  • Meals Tax

    Did you know that your local coffee shop is considered a restaurant in Massachusetts? Portions of your local supermarket may be as well. Find out why.
  • Sales & Use Tax

    Find out why the sales tax on a $200 coat would only be $1.57 or why you would owe use tax on the carton of cigarettes you just purchased online. Learn what is - and isn't - taxable in Massachusetts.
  • Motor Vehicle Sales & Use Tax

    Get the ins and outs on paying sales tax on motor vehicles, boats and recreational vehicles.
  • Motor Vehicle Excise

    Get the ins and outs on paying excise tax to your local city or town hall.