This online application allows taxpayers to pay the sales tax for a boat, snowmobile, recreational and/or all terrain vehicle registration through Electronic Funds Withdrawal, and receive an immediate confirmation receipt. This receipt can then be presented to the Massachusetts Environmental Police at the time of registration. You may access this website from the link provided below, or during business hours at one of our District Offices. 

Access the online ST-6 Application with MassTaxConnect.
See Printable Forms below.

Helpful Hints for Using the Online ST-6 Application

Be sure to have the following information before beginning:

  1. Seller name and address: if address not known, please type in "Unknown"
  2. Bank information: routing and account number [see below for details]
  3. Vehicle Information: description of vehicle, date of sale, gross sale price, serial/VIN #, engine size
  4. For Boats Only: boat length, boat mooring location
  • You cannot pay sales tax with a credit card using this application. The only form of payment available is through Electronic Funds Withdrawal. You will need your Bank Routing number (first series of numbers in the bottom left hand corner of a check) and Account number (second series of numbers at the bottom of a check). Please note: A check will not be processed. The funds will automatically be withdrawn from your bank account.
  • This application does not accept punctuation marks (commas, periods, quotation marks, etc.) in most of the fields. If you receive an error message, please remove the invalid character(s), identified in the message, from the field:
  • You must file and/or pay your sales tax on a boat, recreational vehicle or snowmobile before registering with the Division of Environmental Law Enforcement.
  • If you purchased a recreational vehicle from a dealer and paid the tax, do not attempt to use this application in order to get a copy of your receipt, unless the dealer filed your ST6 using this application. Please contact the dealer for a copy if one was not provided to you at the time of your purchase or you misplaced your original copy.
  • If you are a registered dealer please be sure to select the "Is this application being prepared by a Registered Dealer?"option at the beginning. Please do not complete an Exempt form unless you are not collecting tax on the vehicle.
  • For your records, print a copy of the Confirmation Page before clicking the "Printer Friendly Version" button. Please be sure to print two copies of the "Form ST-6 Certificate of Payment of Sales or Use Tax for Boat, Recreation or Snow Vehicle" or "Form ST-6E Claim for Exemption from Sales or Use Tax for Boat, Recreation or Snow Vehicle".
  • If you accidentally press the "Continue" button before printing your receipt, you can obtain copies of your sales tax receipt using the Reprint option located at the beginning of this application. This option is available to you,only if you paid your sales tax or filed an exempt form using this application. You cannot obtain a reprint of your ST-6 or ST-6E receipt using this application if you filed a paper return.

Printable Forms

Please complete the appropriate tax form for your boat, snowmobile, or recreation vehicle. The form can be filed at your nearest Massachusetts Department of Revenue office, where you will receive a confirmation receipt. This receipt is required when applying for a registration from the Massachusetts Environmental Police.

All forms are in PDF format and require the free Adobe Acrobat Reader .

  • Form ST-6 pdf format of st_6.pdf
, Certificate of Payment of Sales or Use Tax for Boat, Recreation or Snow Vehicle
  • Form ST-6E pdf format of Form ST-6E
, Claim for Exemption from Sales or Use Tax for Boat, Recreation or Snow Vehicle