The Excel Recap file has been updated for FY2016. Please note that the Excel version of the Recap is for planning
and budgeting purposes only
.  Data entered in Excel cannot be uploaded to DLS's Gateway application.  All data
relative to setting your tax rate must be entered directly into Gateway.  Please contact your BOA advisor or DLS IT
support if you have questions about using DLS Gateway.


Tips for using the Excel Recap:

  • Macros must be enabled in Excel.
  • Your computer's video setting and monitor will determine how each form is displayed on screen.  Use
    the Zoom function to shrink or enlarge the display for optimized viewing.
  • Use the Tab key to move between data entry cells.
  • Worksheets have been protected and data entry is allowed only in appropriate cells.
  • A special Print Menu is available on the Excel Add-ins ribbon. Print all worksheets using this menu to ensure
    proper formatting of the forms.
  • Do not use cut, copy or paste functions to move data in the workbook

Cover Letter and Other Instructional Materials

Excel version of the Tax Rate Recap


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