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The Automated Tax Rate Recap program has been updated for FY2016.
Program specifications to run the Automated Tax Rate Recap are as follows:

  • A personal computer with Microsoft Office 97 Excel or greater
  • Internet access for downloading recap16.xls or program
  • Any Windows compatible printer
  • Approximately 2MB of hard disk space
  • Macros must be enabled, print menu appears on "Add-Ins" tab

In completing the FY2016 Automated Tax Rate Recap Program, follow instructions listed below: 

  1. Your computer's video setting and monitor will determine how each form is displayed on screen. Use the Zoom function to shrink or enlarge the display for optimized viewing.
  2. Use the Tab key to move between data entry cells.
  3. Worksheets have been protected and data entry is allowed only in appropriate cells.
  4. A special Print Menu is available on the Excel Menu bar.  In later versions of Excel, check add-ins on menu bar.   Print all worksheets using this menu to ensure proper formatting of the forms. Also, forms will print out with date and time stamps appearing on the bottom of each form. Recap and Pro Forma pages 2, 3 and 4 will display the city, town or district name at the top right corner of each page.
  5. Do not use cut, copy or paste functions to move data in the workbook
  6. DLS encourages submission of applicable forms through the Gateway system.

Cover Letter and Other Instructional Materials

  • Cover Letter    
  • FY2016 Tax Rate Recap, Pro Forma Recap, Additional Forms and Instructions


Download the FY2016 Automated Tax Recap Program


  • RECAP16 is available in xls (format) or as a zip file by selecting option below - "GET FY 2016 RECAP PROGRAM"


  1. Selecting “Download as Excel file
  2. A File Download screen will appear asking you “Do you want to open or save this file?”  Select Save.
  3. Select drive letter and folder where you wish to place the recap16.xls and remember this location.
  4. Click “Save”, message returned “Download Complete”
  5. You are now ready to input recap16.xls 


  1. Selecting “Download as Zip file
  2. A File Download screen will appear asking you “Do you want to open or save this file?”  Select Save.
  3. Select drive letter and folder where you wish to place the and remember this location.
  4. Double-click “” file
  5. Double-click “recap16.xls” file displayed
  6. Do you want to open this file?   Open
  7. If you see a yellow macro warning bar when opening the Automated Recap Program, click on the Enable Content button
  8. Recap.xls is now open and you should save this file to desired folder location in windows explorer.
  9. You are now ready to input into the Excel Recap Program



Please note that the Excel version of the Recap is for planning and budgeting purposes only.  Data entered in Excel cannot be uploaded to DLS's Gateway application.  All data relative to setting your tax rate must be entered directly into Gateway.  Please contact your BOA advisor or DLS IT support if you have questions about using DLS Gateway.

    • Download as Excel File
    • Download as Zip File



Page Last Updated 5/21/2015

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