The Annual City and Town Financial Report, Schedule A, is a year-end statement of revenues and other financing 
sources, expenditures and other financing uses, changes in fund balances, certain balance sheet and other information. 
Under state statute, the Director of Accounts is required to collect this information from all communities by October 31 
each year. The automated program includes Beginning Fund Balances based upon last fiscal year's Ending Fund 
Balances as well as Logical Edit checks. 

  • Schedule A data can be entered directly into DLS Gateway. It can also be uploaded from the Excel version of
    Schedule A after conversion by the Community Software Consortium’s Schedule A Converter program. See
    the document below, “Converting and Uploading Schedule A to DLS Gateway,” for more information on
    this process.


Important update 9/16/2016: The original Excel Schedule A had a missing row that caused the CSC’s Schedule A 
Converter program to fail with this error: “Input string was not in a correct format.” A corrected version of the Excel 
Schedule A is now available; please click one of the links below to download an updated file. The filename has been 
changed to “scheda16a.xlsx” for easier identification.

If you have already entered data in the original file, you may continue using it. Contact DLS IT Support (617-626-2350 
or when you are ready to convert and upload the data to DLS Gateway; we will be happy 
to assist you with the process.

Cover Letter and Instructions


 Download the FY2016 Schedule A Program

  • Download as  .Excel File xlsx format of scheda16a.xlsx
  • Download as   Zip File zip format of



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