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The Annual City and Town Financial Report, Schedule A, is a 17-page (15-page automated) year-end statement of revenues and other financing sources, expenditures and other financing uses, changes in fund balances, certain balance sheet and other information. Under state statute, the Director of Accounts is required to collect this information from all communities by October 31 each year. The automated program includes Beginning Fund Balances based upon last fiscal year's Ending Fund Balances as well as Logical Edit checks. First, click on "Get Installation Instructions" below to review general instructions and hints. Second, review the instructions or print them from the screen. Third, click on "Get FY2014 Schedule A Program" below and follow the installation instructions. The FY2014 Schedule A program is only available from the website. The FY2014 mailing includes:


Cover Letter and Instructions

  • Schedule A - Cover Letter
  • Schedule A - Guidelines and Reference Manual
  • Statutory Reconciliation |  Instructions | Spreadsheet


Download the FY2014 Automated Schedule A Program

  • Automated Schedule A Installation Instructions
  • Converting and Uploading Schedule A to DLS Gateway
  • Get FY2014 Automated Schedule A Program:
    • Download as Excel File
    • Download as Zip File


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