The Annual City and Town Financial Report, Schedule A, is a year-end statement of revenues and other financing 
sources, expenditures and other financing uses, changes in fund balances, certain balance sheet and other information. 
Under state statute, the Director of Accounts is required to collect this information from all communities by November 30th each year. 

  • Schedule A data can be entered directly into DLS Gateway. It can also be uploaded from the Excel version of
    Schedule A by using the new “Upload Excel Schedule A” page in Gateway.

Important update 9/7/2017: The Schedule A upload template (ScheduleAupload.xlsx) has been modified to add rows or columns for beginning and ending balances in parts 3-10 and the KAR-1. This data is not found on the Gateway forms and will not be uploaded; its purpose is to assist accountants in verifying data prior to upload. These new verification rows and columns have been highlighted in the template for easy identification. Beginning Wednesday, 9/13/17 you must use the new template to upload Schedule A data. Previous templates without the new rows and columns will no longer work. Please contact your Bureau of Accounts Field Representative for assistance.

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 Download the Excel Schedule A Template

  • Download as  Excel File xlsx format of Schedule A Upload
  (Scheduleaupload.xlsx )


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