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  • FY2009 Centrally Valued Pipeline Company Values xls format of 2009PipeWebfile.xls
In compliance with provisions of General Laws Chapter 59 §38A, the Commissioner of Revenue has determined and does hereby certify the full and fair cash valuation as January 1, 2008 of pipelines used for the transmission of natural gas, petroleum or their products or by-products for a distance of twenty-five miles or more. Property owners or boards of assessors wishing to appeal the valuation(s) must make appeal on or before July 15, 2008 to the Appellate Tax Board.

Algonquin Gas Transmission, LLC reported a higher amount for Massachusetts than in the previous year due to newly installed pipeline. The valuation does not include the portion of the pipeline located off the North Shore that is within the marine boundaries of Massachusetts. Based on our best information and belief, that portion of the pipeline is not within established boundaries of any Massachusetts city or town.

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