• Income and Expense Form (LA-38D) Templates

    The Bureau of Local Assessment in conjunction with the Massachusetts Association of Assessing Officers developed Income and Expense Form (LA-38D) templates. The templates are designed so that they will be easy to download and adapt to meet specific community needs. Assessors may also elect to use all or some portions of the form. Whether assessors use the recommended form or another I&E form, assessors in every community should be obtaining this confidential real estate income and expense data on an annual basis to assist in developing values that accurately reflect fluctuations in the market.
  • LA-15 Interim Year Adjustment Clarification  pdf format of LA-15

  • LA-3 Real Property Sales Data:

    LA-3 Sales Data is available for viewing and download from DLS Gateway. Parcel sales information can be searched by city/town name, sale date, sale price, property type and other related criteria. Results can be viewed and sorted, or exported to Excel for further analysis.

  • LA3 Submissions Step By Step  pdf format of LA3 Submissions Step By Step

    Submitting sales information electronically benefits municipal officials, real estate professionals and the general public by making sales data readily available online. Read to learn how Sales data contained in the Gateway database can be searched, viewed and even exported to Microsoft Excel.
  • Property Type Classification Codes Booklet  pdf format of Property Type Codes

  • Corporations Book

    The Corporations Book is available for all to use. This Corporations Book is "searchable". Just insert a letter or several names then click "search", all of the information is at your fingertips.
  • Commonly Used Forms

  • List of Revaluation Contractors  pdf format of Revaluation Contractors

    List of Revaluation Contractors working in Massachusetts. A compilation of names, addresses, and phone numbers of all firms and individuals that provide professional appraisal services related to reassessment of Massachusetts cities and towns.
  • Classification Workshop For Windows