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Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012 pdf format of    January 5, 2012 - City and Town    Thank You, Robert T. Martin pdf format of    ctfeb2-2012.pdf  Solar and Wind Generate Taxing Questions pdf format of    ctmarch1-2012.pdf   
That's Nobody's Business: Sham Corporation Denied Personal Property Exemption pdf format of    Jan19-2012.pdf    Appellate Tax Board Rules Closed Church Taxable pdf format of    ctfeb16-2012.pdf  Community Innovation Challenge Grant Awardees Announced Tomorrow pdf format of    ctmarch15-2012.pdf
  Cities and Towns Have Collected Nearly $500 million in Local Option Meal and Room Taxes Since FY10 pdf format of    ctapril5-2012.pdf   

Announcing a New Databank Resource pdf format of    May3.pdf

New Officials and a New Partner pdf format of    ctown-june7.pdf
Sign up for NOFF, FY2013 HWM Local Aid Estimates pdf format of    ctapril19-2012.pdf  Senate Ways and Means Budget Local Aid Estimates pdf format of    ctown-may17.pdf     Save the Date! 2012 Regionalization Conference pdf format of    ctown-june21.pdf
New Fiscal Year, New DLS Strategic Plan to Improve Efficiencies and Communication pdf format of    ctown-july5.pdf   DLS Strategic Plan Kicks Off with Four Workshops on Setting Tax Rates pdf format of    ctown-august2.pdf    A New City and Town pdf format of    ctown-september13.pdf
   Governor Patrick Signs Changes to Community Preservation Act pdf format of    ctown-july19.pdf  Register for the 2012 Regionalization Conference Today  pdf format of    ctown-august16.pdf   $4 Million in Funding for Community Innovation Challenge (CIC) Announced at Fourth Annual Regionalization Conference pdf format of    ctown-september19.pdf   
  Property Certification and Tax Rate Setting Season Underway pdf format of    october4th.pdf  Hurricane May Still Trigger Emergency Expenditures pdf format of    ctown-november1.pdf   Tis the Season and Gov. Patrick Lays Out Plan To Close $540M Budget Gap pdf format of    ctown-december6th.pdf
  BLA Offers Guidance on Sketiching of Condominiums pdf format of    ctown-october18th.pdf


Sec. Gonzalez Delivers Keynote Address at CIC Grant Forum pdf format of    ctown-november15.pdf   

Excel Upload or Even One-Button Schedule A in Your Future? pdf format of    ctown-december20.pdf