Handbook Cover, Table of Contents pdf format of coverandtoc.pdf

Introduction pdf format of Introduction.pdf

Chapter 1 pdf format of Chapter1.pdf
file size 6MB Assessment Administration

Chapter 2 pdf format of Chapter2.pdf
file size 1MB  Mass Appraisal  

 Chapter 3 pdf format of Chapter3.pdf
file size 1MB Proposition 2½

Chapter 4 pdf format of Chapter4.pdf
file size 1MB  Property Tax Classification

Chapter 5 pdf format of Chapter5.pdf
 Setting the Tax Rate  

Chapter 6 pdf format of Chapter6.pdf
 Property Tax Abatements

Chapter 7 pdf format of Chapter7.pdf
file size 1MB  Property Tax Exemptions 

Chapter 8 pdf format of Chapter8.pdf
file size 1MB   Personal Property 

Chapter 9 pdf format of Chapter9.pdf
 Motor Vehicle Excise



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Updated: 04/30/2015