October 2006

  • Bulletin 2006-15B pdf format of 2006_15B.pdf Local Tax Exemptions for Veterans (supersedes Bulletin 2006-14B)

September 2006

August 2006

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April 2006

March 2006

  • IGR 06-202 pdf format of igr06_202.pdf Fiscal Year 2007 Tax Bills Semi-Annual Payment System
  • IGR 06-203 pdf format of igr06_203.pdf Fiscal Year 2007 Tax Bills Semi-Annual Payment System - Optional Preliminary Bills
  • IGR 06-204 pdf format of igr06_204.pdf Fiscal Year 2007 Tax Bills Semi-Annual Payment System - Annual Preliminary Bills
  • IGR 06-205 pdf format of igr06_205.pdf Fiscal Year 2007 Tax Bills Quarterly Payment System
  • IGR 06-206 pdf format of igr06_206.pdf Social Security Deduction for Fiscal Year 2007
  • IGR 06-207 pdf format of igr06_207.pdf Optional Cost of Living Adjustment for Fiscal Year 2007 Exemptions
  • IGR 06-208 pdf format of igr06_208.pdf 2006 Adjustment in Land of Low Value Foreclosure Valuation Limit
  • City and Town pdf format of march.pdf FOCUS: The Evolution of the City or Town Charter
  • Bulletin 2006-06B pdf format of 2006_06b.pdf New Officials Finance Forum
  • Bulletin 2006-05B pdf format of 2006_05b.pdf Bureau of Accounts Annual Budget Bulletin

February 2006

January 2006

Refer to both the Telephone and Telegraph Personal Property Return (Form 5941) and the Instructions Letter. If you have any questions, please contact Walter Sandoval Dusza at (617) 626-4087 or John Gillet at (617) 626-3605 or email at bladata@dor.state.ma.us