December 2008
  • List of Revaluation Contractors pdf format of 2010Vendor_List.pdf
- A compilation of names, contact information and appraisal services provided by Individuals or firms for the reassessment of municipalities in Massachusetts.
  • City and Town pdf format of december08.pdf
FOCUS: Spending on Snow & Ice Removal

November 2008

  • City and Town pdf format of oct_nov08.pdf
file size 1MB FOCUS: Community Preservation (CPA) State Match Update

October 2008

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June 2008

  • City and Town pdf format of june08.pdf
FOCUS:Calibration of Municipal Residential Recycling Rates Explained
  • IGR 08-102 pdf format of Guidelines for the Application of School Building Assis
Guidelines for the Application of School Building Assistance Grants (Supersedes IGR 06-101)
  • New Property Type Classification Code

Because assessors are now responsible for valuing cellular/mobile wireless telecommunications companies this new code will facilitate easy identification of those companies.

This is the final version of the Booklet for FY2009.

May 2008

  • 2008 Proposed Equalized Valuations
    2008 Proposed Equalized Valuations for each community, listing assessed values, equalized values and ratios by class, plus estimated growth.

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