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  • IGR 10-208 pdf format of igr10_208.pdf
Municipal Tax Amnesty Program
  • Bulletin 2010-07B pdf format of 2010_07B.pdf
- Training Program for Assessors
  • IGR 10-402 pdf format of igr10_402.pdf
Fiscal Year 2011 Guidelines for Determining Annual Levy Limit Increase for Tax Base Growth
  • IGR 10-401 pdf format of igr10_401.pdf
Fiscal Year 2011 Guidelines for Annual Assessment and Allocation of Tax Levy

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June 2010

  • IGR 10-301 pdf format of igr10_301.pdf
Smart Growth School Cost Reimbursements
  • FY2011 Pipeline Company Central Valuations pursuant to M.G.L. Chapter 59, Section 38A and New Growth:
    • FY2011 Memorandum to Board of Assessors pdf format of FY11June15Assessorsletter.pdf
    • FY2011 Centrally Valued Pipeline Company Values xls format of FY11PipeWebfile.xls
 Equipment and machinery were valued for Algonquin Gas Transmission, LLC and Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline, LLC, as well as pipeline causing Algonquin's value to increase over the previous year. Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline, LLC's value decreased despite valuing equipment and machinery because last year's value included construction work in progress (CWIP) for another state. That CWIP is now allocated to the state where the assets are now in service.
    • FY2011 Pipeline New Growth xls format of FY11PipeRevGrowthWebfile.xls
 Algonquin Gas Transmission, LLC reported equipment and machinery, new pipeline in Medford and Somerville and additional pipeline mileage in some communities after company research. Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline, LLC experienced growth due to equipment and machinery valuation. Tennessee Pipeline Company reported growth in Lunenburg for a pipeline segment replacement.
    • FY2011 Centrally Valued Pipeline Company Billing Addresses pdf format of PipelineCoAddresses.pdf

  • Proposed 2010 Equalization (EQV) Study - LA19 Reports
    2010 Proposed EQV for each community, listing assessed values, equalized values and ratios by class, plus estimated growth.
    Information regarding formal and informal hearings and appeal process also included.

May 2010

March 2010

  • Bulletin 2010-03B pdf format of 2010_03B.pdf
- 2009 Legislation:Summary of 2009 Municipal Law Changes
  • IGR 10-207 pdf format of igr10_207.pdf
Calendar Year 2010 Adjustment in Land of Low Value Foreclosure Valuation Limit
  • IGR 10-206 pdf format of igr10_206.pdf
Optional Cost of Living Adjustment For Fiscal Year 2011 Exemptions
  • IGR 10-205 pdf format of igr10_205.pdf
Social Security Deduction for Fiscal Year 2011
  • IGR 10-204 pdf format of igr10_204.pdf
Fiscal Year 2011 Tax Bills Quarterly Payment System
  • IGR 10-203 pdf format of igr10_203.pdf
Fiscal Year 2011 Tax Bills Semi-Annual Preliminary Bills
  • IGR 10-202 pdf format of igr10_202.pdf
Fiscal Year 2011 Tax Bills Semi-Annual Payment System - Optional Preliminary Bills
  • IGR 10-201 pdf format of igr10_201.pdf
Fiscal Year 2011 Tax Bills Semi-Annual Payment System 


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