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July 2011

  • IGR 11-302 pdf format of igr11_302.pdf
Fiscal Year 2012 Waivers to Education Reform Spending Requirements and Minimum Required Local Contributions
  • IGR 11-301 pdf format of igr11_301.pdf
FY2012 Payment Schedule for Cherry Sheet Programs
  • Bulletin 2011-09B pdf format of 2011_09B.pdf
- Tornado Damage (Supercedes Bulletin 2011-07B)

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February 2011

  • IGR 11-205 pdf format of igr11_205.pdf
Social Security Deduction for Fiscal Year 2012
  • IGR 11-206 pdf format of igr11_206.pdf
Optional Cost of Living Adjustment for Fiscal Year 2012 Exemptions
  • IGR 11-207 pdf format of igr11_207.pdf
Calendar Year 2011 Adjustment in Land of Low Value Foreclosure Valuation Limit
  • IGR 11-208 pdf format of igr11_208.pdf
Clause 41C½ Property Tax Exemption For Seniors
  • IGR 11-209 pdf format of igr11_209.pdf
Temporary Financial Hardship Property Tax Deferral
  • IGR 11-201 pdf format of igr11_201.pdf
Fiscal Year 2012 Tax Bills Semi-Annual Payment System
  • IGR 11-202 pdf format of igr11_202.pdf
Fiscal Year 2012 Tax Bills Semi-Annual Payment System - Optional Preliminary Bills
  • IGR 11-203 pdf format of igr11_203.pdf
Fiscal Year 2012 Tax Bills Semi-Annual Payment System - Annual Preliminary Bills
  • IGR 11-204 pdf format of igr11_204.pdf
Fiscal Year 2012 Tax Bills Quarterly Payment System
  • Bulletin 2011-01B pdf format of 2011_01B.pdf
- Course 101 - Training Program for Assessors
  • Final 2010 Equalization (EQV) Study - LA19 Reports
    2010 Final EQV for each community, listing assessed values, equalized values and ratios by class, plus estimated growth and Chapter 121A values. County tax is being provided for your convenience.

January 2011

  • Updated Taxpayer's Guide to Local Property Tax Exemptions, Religious and Charitable Organizations Clauses 3, 10, 11 pdf format of charity.pdf
  • FY2012 - Farmland Valuation Advisory Commission Recommended Land Values and Farm Animal Excise
  • FY2012 Telephone and Telegraph Return:
    • Instructions Letter for Form 5941
    • Form 5941 xls format of StateTaxForm5941.xls
file size 3MB * Please note that the multiplier table will no longer be updated on the posted 5941 Form, also there is an additional requirement of a second Appendix .
    • Finders List - Archaic Community, District, Neighborhood, Section and Village, Names in Massachusetts (to match a name of a village, section or neighborhood to the official list of names of the 351 Massachusetts communities)