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  • IGR14-302 pdf format of igr14-302.pdf Annual Fiscal Year Waivers to Education Reform Spending Requirements and Minimum Required Local Contributions
  • IGR14-301 pdf format of igr14-301.pdf Fiscal Year 2015 Payment Schedule For Cherry Sheet Programs


•  FY2015 Pipeline Company Central Valuations pursuant to M.G.L. Chapter 59, Section 38A and New Growth:




  • IGR14-402 pdf format of igr14-402.pdf Fiscal Year 2015 Guidelines for Determining Annual Levy Limit Increase for Tax Base Growth
  • IGR14-401 pdf format of igr14-401.pdf Fiscal Year 2015 Guidelines for Annual Assessment and Allocation of Tax Levy


  • Agenda: FY15 Certification Workshops pdf format of fy2015certificationworkshophandouts.pdf file size 2MB
  • Bulletin 2014-03B pdf format of 2014-03b.pdf  FY2015 Budget Issues and Other Related Matters
  • Updated - Bureau of Local Assessment
    • Manual pdf format of igr13-207.pdf - Certification Standards (Guidelines for Development of a Minimum Reassessment Program)
    • Booklet pdf format of Property Type Codes - Property Type Classification Codes, Non-Arms Length Codes and Sales Report Spreadsheet Specifications



  • IGR14-207 pdf format of igr14-207.pdf Calendar Year 2014 Adjustment in Land of Low Value Foreclosure Valuation Limit
  • IGR14-206 pdf format of igr14-206.pdf Optional Cost of Living Adjustment for Fiscal Year 2015 Exemptions
  • IGR14-205 pdf format of igr14-205.pdf Social Security Deduction for Fiscal Year 2015
  • IGR14-204 pdf format of igr14-204.pdf Fiscal Year 2015 Tax Bills Quarterly Payment System
  • IGR14-203 pdf format of igr14-203.pdf Fiscal Year 2015 Tax Bills Semi-Annual Payment System - Annual Preliminary Bills
  • IGR14-202 pdf format of igr14-202.pdf Fiscal Year 2015 Tax Bills Semi-Annual Payment System - Optional Preliminary Bills
  • IGR14-201 pdf format of igr14-201.pdf Fiscal Year 2015 Tax Bills Semi-Annual Payment System
  • Bulletin 2014-02B pdf format of 2014-02b.pdf  Recertification and Tax Rate Target Dates - Bulletin 2014-02B (Supersedes Bulletin 2006-12B)
  • Bulletin 2014-01B pdf format of 2014-01B.pdf  2013 Legislation - Summary of 2013 Municipal Finance Law Changes




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