• Information Technology Unit

    Kirsten Shirer, Director
    E-mail: for Kirsten Shirer 

    The Division of Local Services' Information Technology Section is responsible for providing technical support to the Division's Bureaus and to local governments. DLS strives to promote, enhance and protect the flow of information between Local Services and the local governments. To accomplish that goal, DLS IT maintains and updates the Division's website, provides user support and software development services for DLS Gateway, and provides training, support, and consulting services to local government in collaboration with the Division’s other bureaus.

    DLS Gateway offers local officials an immediate way to enter, review and submit the data required for most of the regulatory review programs administered by the Division of Local Services. Local Officials Directory is a public-facing directory within Gateway listing contact information for most elected and appointed municipal officials. This information is maintained by city and town clerks, with support from DLS IT.

    For assistance during normal business hours with the DLS Gateway application or our website, contact DLS IT Support:

    By phone: (617) 626-2350
    By email: dlsitgroup@dor.state.ma.us